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Founder, Joseph McCarthy utilizes the resources, training, and experience gleaned from his military and law enforcement careers to build and manage teams that exude integrity and professionalism as the foundation piece for business security support. 

Joe has built, led, and managed teams of Executive Protection details, threat assessment teams, and executive travel security planning throughout the U.S. as well as Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


Serving in the U.S. Navy at SEAL Team 2, and following his graduation from Basic Underwater Demolition (BUD/S) class 205, Joe worked in support of mission-specific goals as a communicator within his platoon.   As a member of a cohesive team,  roles included Naval Special Warfare (NSW) tactical communications courses, as well as clandestine communication, combat dive operations, air operations, and land warfare tactics.  Further  NSW  experience spans tactical firearms courses through the Mid South Institute of self-defense shooting - Survival and Interrogation via U.S. Navy Survive, Evade, Resist and Escape (SERE), and U.S. Army parachute training, as well as numerous additional NSW courses.   


Following military service, Joe began his career with the New York State Police as a Trooper, promoting to Investigator, where he spent a bulk of his career in narcotics and criminal investigations, surveillance, and undercover operations.  Joe served on the Executive Protection detail for the Governor of NYS when regional travel dictated.  Joe's Law Enforcement career, experience and training spans interview and interrogation, child sex abuse, anti-money laundering as well as Criminal Procedure Law and Penal Law enforcement at all levels. Joe has led and liaised with multi-jurisdictional state and federal law enforcement communities throughout the country and internationally, corroborating casework for a successful conclusion to prosecution.  


Sean Behrman’s established international crisis management planning, experience, and former Law Enforcement (LE) supervisory roles led to him spearheading Coup Logistic's South American presence. 


Sean has successfully planned and provided crisis mitigation expertise of maritime operations throughout the world. His career in LE promoted him through the New York State Police to the rank of Senior Investigator, where he led professional LE teams as Unit Supervisor,  collaborating with multi-jurisdictional Federal, State, and Local entities for successful case conclusions throughout North America and abroad. 


Sean’s expertise spans the areas of Anti-Corruption, Undercover Operations, Executive Protection, and Organized Crime Investigations. 


His certified instructor and technical dive instructor certifications naturally lend to his maritime operational leadership. Sean also leads the Coup Logistic team's protective canine training program, utilizing over 30 years of experience training protective and security police canines for private, local, and international government entities.

He speaks Spanish.

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