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+ Regional Travel Assessing

+ Emergency Crisis Planning

+ Building penetration testing

+ Intelligence gathering initiatives

+ Physical Threat Assessing

Diverse Team of Government Intelligence

+ Employee Background Investigation


HAVE A PLAN. Building a structured reaction guide for the "golden halo" of crisis management, manual revisions: update the current threat and communicate action or reaction to be prepared in the event of any crisis.  Medical planning, physical threat planning as well as parallel entity accountability factors solidify survivability in the seconds and minutes following any crisis. 

Assessing and communicating regional threats either---direct or indirect, home or abroad---gives a clear vision of situational awareness.  Whether you're proceeding with a planned market agenda, or your sales teams are destined for a region of unrest, understanding the who, the what and the why will support your plan. 

Achieving a vision of COMPLETE security coverage begins with assessing the brick and mortar establishment at home, or wherever the day-to-day office commute takes you.  Laying the groundwork for a solid, layered security template begins with identifying the shortcomings of where you lay your head, or  stomp your feet.  

INTELLIGENCE GATHERING  gives clean lines of sight for the business battlefield.  Whether your business is on the path of a new venture or you simply need insight on your hiring agendas, background intelligence gathering can hone-in on traits and indicators that historically lay the land of future individual and company decision-making.   

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