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Your business security support is our focus. Through relationship building, we bring a 360-degree vision of threat eradication.

Navy SEALs Team with weapons in action .

+ Digital  Threat Assessing 

+ Online Threat Montioring 

+ Physical and building threat assessing

​Travel, even in the most secure region, provides challenges and risks. 


At home or abroad, the current trend of random assaults by homegrown terror organizations and individuals leaves a wake of instability in the surrounding communities’.  Planning for, and executing a strategy that deters exposure of risk is essential.  


Direct threats can consist of political statements, embarrassment, or monetary ransom.  Indirectly, a region showing hostility toward certain ethnicities, nationalities, or more simply general criminal activity and random assaults bear a burden and hinder safe travel initiatives. 


A review of surveillance cameras on whit

+ Crisis management, emergency procedure template and revising

With over 50 years of combined experience planning crisis and risk mitigation, Coup Logistic  members articulate clear criteria for implementation of successful sightlines for any landscape.  ​

+ Open source, social media monitoring, and assessment

We make sure you can move forward without hesitation, whether merger acquisition intelligence gathering or basic employee background support, Coup Logistic members carry the background, experience  and professionalism to become a cohesive part of your team.  

Providing support staff for the training of situational awareness, active shooter as well as regional travel safety initiatives, Coup Logistic training cadre has customizable options for you, your staff, and your families.  

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